South Africa
beauty, you'll never forget

1. Postmasburg

Postmasburg is a small town situated approximately 68 Km north of Girquatown (Griekwastad) in the Northern Cape.  It is completely surrounded by lush green foliage due to the area being fed by a lovely dam and several sparkling fountains The town has some wonderful architecture and historical sites and can even boast its very own “Big Hole”, just like neighbouring town Kimberley. The open cast mine was permanently flooded in 1935 and as a result, a hole over 45 metres deep came into being and is now filled with fish. It’s a beautiful sight visited by many who travel this way. Blinkklipkop, meaning “shinning Rock Hill”, is a wonderful archaeological site with indications that the Khoisan attempted mining specularite, a soft form of haematite, in this area as early as 700 AD.…