South Africa
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The Cat Conservation Trust's aim is to create public awareness of the plight of South Africa’s small wild cats through education and research. Clifton Game Farm, approximately 60 km north-west of Cradock, is home to The Cat Conservation Trust.

South Africa has seven species of indigenous wild cats, the “Big Cats” being Lion, Leopard and Cheetah. These well-known African Cats are the focus of the tourism industry and are far more easily sighted than their smaller cousins the Caracal or African Wild Cat. However, these small cats form an essential link in the ecosystem and desperately require the same status as the larger cats. The Cat Conservation Trust informs and educates the public about the important role these lesser known wild cats play in bio-diversity conservation. The Trust also breeds small wild cat species in captivity for release into selective and suitable wild habitats.

Owners of Clifton Game Farm and founders of The Cat Conservation Trust and Pred-A-Tours, Richard and Marion Holmes, are your hosts. The Trust is a non-profit trust and Richard and Marion are well-known for their breeding success with the Black-Footed Cat. Care for these animals in captivity takes special knowledge and unusual care, their natural environment has to be mimicked and this includes physical and mental stimulation. 

These small wild cats are naturally nocturnal and generally shy so it is extremely difficult to get to a sighting of them. Visiting the Cat Conservation Trust is the perfect way to ensure a guaranteed sighting and photograph of these rare and beautiful animals.

Things to do and see

  • Guided & Educational Tours
  • Wildlife Experience
  • Caracal
  • African Wild Cat
  • Serval
  • Small Spotted Cat (Black Footed Cat)
  • Guest Farm Accommodation
  • Wildlife Photo Postcards on sale


Admission & Tours are by appointment only. Please contact the Trust or Pred-A-Tours directly for prices and bookings.

Find Us

From Cradock, travel on the N10 toward Middelburg

Approximately 5 km out of Cradock turn left onto the R61, at the sign “Graaff Reinet / Mountain Zebra Park”

Travel 45 km and turn right at the sign “Aloedale / Fish River”, onto a gravel road. Travel the gravel road for 10.6 km until you see the “Cat Conservation Trust, Richard Holmes Safaris & Clifton”, turn left here (Do not turn off the gravel road at the “Montague” sign!)

Continue 500 metres and cross the river. The house is approximately 700 meters from here.

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