Albasini Ruins

The remains of the 19th century trading post of the famous Portuguese trader, Joao Albasini is found at the Phabeni Gate, 10 km from Hazyview. It was Albasini who buried Willem Pretorius at the base of Pretoriuskop.

A few artefacts are displayed under a small thatch lapa, together with a map and additional information about Albasini and there are a few picnic benches under the nearby trees, along with toilets.

 On the site, are 2 graves … Mavundla Nkayinkayi Samuel, 1928 to 2000 and Mothasi Mavundla “who lived all her years in the Kruger National Park” and died in 1965. Lest we forget that it was not that long ago that the Game Reserve was just another part of our country with villages and inhabitants.

Over the ages trading activity has taken place in the south-eastern region of Africa. Lourenco Marques, now known as Maputo (Mozambique) would have been the starting point (or end point) of many of the ancient trading routes that criss-crossed the countryside.

When Albasini arrived in the then Portuguese occupied port in the early 1800’s, he began setting up his trading business. He set up a network of trading routes that reached the inland as far as the Lowveld and by 1845 he had established a trading post at Magashula’s Kraal (now known as Albasini Ruins). This trading post was conveniently positioned along two of these ancient trade routes.

Don't come with too great expectations.

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